I love music, that’s a little fact about me. Do I need to chill? Wake Owl will make the job. Do I need energy? OK Go will always be there for me.

I used to spend a lot of time wearing my earphones, which developed in often headaches. That’s why I decided I needed a quality speaker. When I first read about NudeAudio in Scandinavian Deko I knew I had to buy it. It was the fate! (ok no).

It costs around 40€ and I couldn’t be happier with the quiality of the sound. Although it has its positive points, my speaker isn’t perfect. The sound stops when the music is too low or I’m listening to classic music. It also doesn’t allow me to use it as a speaker on calls as it stops working whenever the person makes a pause. The general idea of the speaker is really good though. Beautiful end, good sound and low price. You don’t think it has a low price? Think again and search. Most speakers of similar characteristics go from 90€. I can only complain about the support service. I sent an email months ago asking if th


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