On time management: make a to do list

When I got asked about my worse weakness on an interview the first thing that crossed my mind was “time management”. I seriously suck at organising my time. To be honest I don’t know if that’s the best thing to say in an interview…

And example would be my limitation of time I spend on Bloglovin. I know I’m not alone on this. How many times you’ve got in to find out you’ve over 100 blog posts to read?

So I thought I would make a serie called “On time management” for all those people who struggle like me on this. Find what works better for you and stick to it. Improving on this might be hard, but not imposible. Don’t be too strict with yourself or you will end up procrastinating.

To do lists are the most effective and flexible way to manage all your tasks. There are plenty of posibilities, from a notebook to a phone app.

My first to do list app was Astrid but since it was acquired by Yahoo, they shutted it down for some time. I’ve been using Any.do for at least one year, but it didn’t end up convincing me. If you want a concrete date for your task to be completed, you won’t be able to do so on this app. I had hopes this would improve with their new app Cal, but it didn’t. I also had problems with the synchronization, which was really annoying as I used this app both in my phone and tablet. The app helps you divide your tasks between “today”, “tomorrow”, “upcoming” and “some day” so if that’s what you were looking for, you can find it in both Itunes and Google Play.

Some days ago I found what in my opinion in the best application and website to manage your tasks. Sometimes I find myself working a lot on a field and completely avoiding another (usually for lazy reasons). Todoist helps you organise your tasks on projects. Whatsmore, your tasks will be organised depending on their priority and the time set. This means expired tasks which have not been completed will appear first so you can complete them as soon as possible.


If you would rather avoid technology on this, this is my propose. Get some post its and a nice dayplanner. Small post its work well for tasks that you can finish whenever you want. This way you can move them from day to day. Lately, make space for brainstorming. In a different space, write down all the things you would like to complete in the future.


On The Muse I read an interesting way of organising your tasks so you can be organised without stressing yourself. From the brainstormed list, choose one big task, three medium tasks and five small tasks. Experiment what works best for you. Maybe you would rather do two medium tasks and eight small tasks? Go for it. Find what works best for you.



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