My day to day foundation


Last summer I went to Sephora looking for the perfect foundation. Until that moment I had been using Hello Flawless oxygen wow and I was kind of tired of it. But that’s another review.

I was looking for something light. I was actually thinking about a BB cream but I was recommended this so…why not?

The bottle is quite pricey; around 44€. I was actually really happy with this foundation. It has an incredible lasting power and you end up forgetting that you are wearing make up.

Despite of its lightness, it can cover small blemishes without the need of applying  concelear.

Wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I realised why it didn’t convince me at all. I use the intensity 1.0 and it leave a kind of orange colour on the skin. Yes, it took me months to realise about that.

Looking at their website, the colour of the fuild looks a lot lighter than the one I got:




In conclusion, I need to find a foundation which tone suits me better. If you are really pale, I don’t recommend you to use it.


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