I love music, that’s a little fact about me. Do I need to chill? Wake Owl will make the job. Do I need energy? OK Go will always be there for me.

I used to spend a lot of time wearing my earphones, which developed in often headaches. That’s why I decided I needed a quality speaker. When I first read about NudeAudio in Scandinavian Deko I knew I had to buy it. It was the fate! (ok no).

It costs around 40€ and I couldn’t be happier with the quiality of the sound. Although it has its positive points, my speaker isn’t perfect. The sound stops when the music is too low or I’m listening to classic music. It also doesn’t allow me to use it as a speaker on calls as it stops working whenever the person makes a pause. The general idea of the speaker is really good though. Beautiful end, good sound and low price. You don’t think it has a low price? Think again and search. Most speakers of similar characteristics go from 90€. I can only complain about the support service. I sent an email months ago asking if th


One sweet you must try if you ever visit Spain


This entry is a bit random. Today I received a little surprise from my mum. She brought me this sweet called “coca cristina”. And you might think what’s so special about it? I have only eaten it three times in my life, at least five years ago. Quite a bit isn’t it?

If you ever find yourself in Spain and you have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to visit a traditional patisserie.



On time management: make a to do list

When I got asked about my worse weakness on an interview the first thing that crossed my mind was “time management”. I seriously suck at organising my time. To be honest I don’t know if that’s the best thing to say in an interview…

And example would be my limitation of time I spend on Bloglovin. I know I’m not alone on this. How many times you’ve got in to find out you’ve over 100 blog posts to read?

So I thought I would make a serie called “On time management” for all those people who struggle like me on this. Find what works better for you and stick to it. Improving on this might be hard, but not imposible. Don’t be too strict with yourself or you will end up procrastinating.

To do lists are the most effective and flexible way to manage all your tasks. There are plenty of posibilities, from a notebook to a phone app.

My first to do list app was Astrid but since it was acquired by Yahoo, they shutted it down for some time. I’ve been using for at least one year, but it didn’t end up convincing me. If you want a concrete date for your task to be completed, you won’t be able to do so on this app. I had hopes this would improve with their new app Cal, but it didn’t. I also had problems with the synchronization, which was really annoying as I used this app both in my phone and tablet. The app helps you divide your tasks between “today”, “tomorrow”, “upcoming” and “some day” so if that’s what you were looking for, you can find it in both Itunes and Google Play.

Some days ago I found what in my opinion in the best application and website to manage your tasks. Sometimes I find myself working a lot on a field and completely avoiding another (usually for lazy reasons). Todoist helps you organise your tasks on projects. Whatsmore, your tasks will be organised depending on their priority and the time set. This means expired tasks which have not been completed will appear first so you can complete them as soon as possible.


If you would rather avoid technology on this, this is my propose. Get some post its and a nice dayplanner. Small post its work well for tasks that you can finish whenever you want. This way you can move them from day to day. Lately, make space for brainstorming. In a different space, write down all the things you would like to complete in the future.


On The Muse I read an interesting way of organising your tasks so you can be organised without stressing yourself. From the brainstormed list, choose one big task, three medium tasks and five small tasks. Experiment what works best for you. Maybe you would rather do two medium tasks and eight small tasks? Go for it. Find what works best for you.


My day to day foundation


Last summer I went to Sephora looking for the perfect foundation. Until that moment I had been using Hello Flawless oxygen wow and I was kind of tired of it. But that’s another review.

I was looking for something light. I was actually thinking about a BB cream but I was recommended this so…why not?

The bottle is quite pricey; around 44€. I was actually really happy with this foundation. It has an incredible lasting power and you end up forgetting that you are wearing make up.

Despite of its lightness, it can cover small blemishes without the need of applying  concelear.

Wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I realised why it didn’t convince me at all. I use the intensity 1.0 and it leave a kind of orange colour on the skin. Yes, it took me months to realise about that.

Looking at their website, the colour of the fuild looks a lot lighter than the one I got:




In conclusion, I need to find a foundation which tone suits me better. If you are really pale, I don’t recommend you to use it.

Would you put bee venom all over your face?

Let’s face it. Reading that your last acquisition contains bee venom isn’t really trustful. But seems it has lots of benefits that you can read here.

Even though it sounds scary and dangerous, it’s also exotic and interesting.


When Manuka Doctor launched some weeks ago an offer to try some samples for free (shipping costs not included) I couldn’t resist to try them out. What I didn’t realise was that two of these samples were anti ageing, something that I don’t really need.

The shipping to Spain took 10 days and it’s sent from the UK. The shipping cost was 8 pounds, while the price to England was around 2. Oh well, maybe it was a bit too much for just three samples.  You can get these 3 samples by spending +20 pounds on their products. And also for that price you will get free shipping costs within the UK!


Gus looking really interested on the products

The packet contains 3 samples with 3, 5 and 7 ml.


Apiclear Skin Treatment Serum:


I thought that 5 ml would be too little, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I think I’ll have enough cream for at least 4 more applications.

The first surprise came with its texture. I expected a cream, but instead I got a gel. It leave a really light and fresh sensation on the face with a nice fragance. The skin stays a bit sticky during the first minutes, but nothing to worry about. After that time I started feeling a soft tickling on my face (you can imagine my first reaction -I’m going to die poisoned!).

After 5 minutes…surprise! I looked myself on the mirror and all my rednesses had disappeared! I’m that kind of person who won’t stop touching her stops ever. My skin felt a lot calmer and clean.

The only negative thing about is the afterwards sensation. Your face will feel like it’s gone to sleep for some time. It’s not the most confortable sensation, but it will stop.

Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask:


I have to say I love the perfume of this!

But getting back to the important stuff…I don’t really need an anti ageing product, so I can’t say much about its benefits. My face did feel softer, but kind of dry. Something I’ve never felt on my face before is a “plump effect”. I had read before that what some anti ageing creams really do is to inflame your muscles so create that effect, which doesn’t sound very nice.

Once again, I’m not an expert on this kind of creams and you should probably give it a go!


Apirefine targeted wrinkle filler:


Once again, I don’t really need a wrinkle treatment, but I felt the urgue of giving it a go at least once.

It promises a tightening and firming sensation once applied. I actually expected a drying sensation but fortunetely that didn’t happen. The smell wasn’t as nice as the mask though. It kind of smelt like wax and a sligh trace of perfum.

My skin feels a softer, effect that might also help with fine lines.